Full time social media marketing assistants:

  • Full time (minimum 35 hours)

  • £17,000-£24,000 (Annum) depending on experience 

  • Great Commissions and bonuses (OTE £40,000)

  • Great future part ownership and entrepreneurial opportunities


Part time marketing assistant:

  • Part time marketing students/graduates

  • £8.00-£10.00 an hour

  • Great commissions and bonuses


Part time/full time Marketing Interns:

  • Expenses paid (Travel/food)

  • Potential commissions and bonuses


Job Description:

  • The role largely involves updating our social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, twitter and snap chats.

  • Helping with creative social media campaigns and strategies and constantly formulating ways to engage and communicate with our audience

  • Helping with creative ways to constantly communicate with our audience and find methods to complete our marketing objectives through social media

  • Helping us to complete marketing objectives and sales forecasts through quality creative social media strategies and producing great creative content

  • Communicating with various different clients to understand there marketing objectives and formulate various methods of completing their objectives

  • Helping with blogs, model shoots and creative video content.  


This Role largely suits a graduate/student who:

  • Has a strong interest in marketing and Social Media:

  • Has an interest in business and entrepreneurship:

  • Someone who is very creative and thinks outside the box:

  • Good articulation and well organised

  • Someone who is very Driven and Hungry for success


Specific Job requirements for role (part time or full time):

  • Ideally someone with a Business,Marketing,Media or creative orientated degree

  • Keen interest in marketing and social media

  • Be able to work a minimum of 16 hours a week (part time)

  • Be able to work a minimum of 35 hours a week (full time)

  • Be creative and able to thing outside the box

  • Have good research and feedback skills

How to apply for the positions: 

To apply for any of the positions above please send a CV, picture and covering letter explaining

why you feel you would be good for any the positions. If you feel you have any other things to send us which may aid your application please feel free to include.   

To apply please send your covering letter, pictures and CV to: